Online Casino Free Trial

Online Casino Free TrialTry before you buy is a classic proposition which few people can resist, so it was just a matter of time before online casinos clued in to this fact and started offering free trial periods to the new players.

This bonus has become a fairly standard offering nowadays, and on MyCasinoClub you’ll find a comprehensive list of all the online casinos that extend bonus credit to new players which they can spend on risk-free wagers during the free trial. Read on to find out how free trials work and all their benefits.

What is a Free Trial

A free trial is exactly what it sounds like! You get free reign of the games in a all or some of the sections of an online casino, and you can take them for a spin before you commit to deposit your own funds in your account.

This is great news for newbies who’ve heard so much about online casino playing but never had a chance to find out what the buzz was all about. Even seasoned online players use free trials to test the waters before handing over their money to a new operator, so everybody benefits from this bonus!

Benefits of Free Trial

The most obvious benefit of using free trials is that you get to try a new online casino website risk-free. While you’re enjoying yourself playing the latest hit video slots titles or having poker hands dealt to you, you money sits safely in your wallet.

You only have to make a deposit after the free trial expires, and by that time you’d have figured out whether it’s worth your while becoming a member of the site or not. Therefore free trials are an excellent way to thoroughly review an online casino first-hand and make a more informed decision before depositing funds.

Earn Credit with Your Free Trial

You can activate your free trial by clicking on any of the amazing offers the MyCasinoClub team has gathered for you on this page. As soon as you sign up for the trial, the online casino site will give you free credit which you can splurge on all their games.

Keep an eye out for how much credit you have left on your balance, because it’s  easy to get carried away and wipe your free credit clean. The best part? All your winnings are actually credited to a bonus balance, so you can withdraw them later if you fulfil the wagering requirements.

Free Trials Rules

The way free trials work depends a lot on the the individual online casino policies. Some free trials award you a fixed amount of credit which is depleted as you wager it on games. Others will give you the opportunity to try out games for free for a fixed period of time.

When the free trial expires, you’ll be given the option to deposit your funds in order to access any winnings you made during the free trial period. If you refuse, then your winning will be forfeit, but if you decide to go ahead and become a member, then your next wagers will contribute towards completing the rollover requirements for accessing your winnings.


Everybody loves getting stuff for free, and what’s better than getting access to the hottest online casino games on the internet without spending any of your money.

For a few days to a few weeks you can enjoy an access-all-areas experience of top-name casino websites and wager complementary credit on all the games. Best of all, you can keep all your winnings after your free trial end.

Check out the latest free trial offers on MyCasinoClub and start playing with no deposits today.