Online Casino High-Roller Bonus

Online Casino High-Roller BonusIn the past, you had to be either very rich or very famous to enter a top casino. For common mortals, going to a casino was an experience you legitimately had to save up for, like going on a holiday. Luckily, casinos today have made it easier than ever for casual players to set foot inside and, thanks to online casinos, you don’t even have to jet across the world to Vegas or Macau to feel like a high-roller. But what if you are a high-roller? You can leave the private plane parked in its hangar and head online too. Many casinos offer a tailor-made experience for players with heftier bankrolls with rewards that are just as big. We’ve compiled some of the best casinos on the internet that offer high roller bonus!

How to find a high-roller bonus casino online

If you think that finding a casino that offer a high roller bonus is like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack then you’re in for a pleasant surprise! Our team has scoured the giant haystack that is the internet and found not one needle but a whole bunch of them. We listed the best online casinos that offer a high roller bonus to new players when they sign up right here on this page. Take a look and see for yourself the top casino sites that reward punters with exceptionally lucrative welcome bonus and other perks designed for their high roller status. The rewards may be virtual and there aren’t pretty waiting staff who bring you free cocktails on demand, but, as you’ll see in the next section, the benefits of taking the high-roller benefits are very real.

The benefits of getting a high-roller bonus

First of all, let’s explain how to claim your high roller bonus. A high roller bonus is basically a welcome deposit bonus on steroids and just as easy to get. Sign up for a free account at any of the best high roller casinos on this page and when you make your first deposit make sure you deposit an amount that is equal or more to the minimum required to gain high-roller status. Usually you have to deposit at least a low four-figure sum to be part of this lofty circle of players. In return, the casino rewards you with lucrative match bonuses that pile up more cash on top of your bankroll, as well as accelerating your rise through the VIP ranks in their loyalty programme which gives you perks such as a personal account manage, preferential customer support, and faster cash withdrawals guaranteed to be processed in a day or less.

What you should know about claiming your high roller bonus

Like all other types of bonuses there are a few things you should be aware of about claiming the winnings made through your high-roller bonus. High-roller bonuses have wagering requirements that are a multiple of the winnings in your bonus balance. Since you’re a high-roller, chances are that those winnings are going to be proportionally bigger than other players, so wagering requirements can be especially tough to fulfil. Moreover, you need to maintain a steady level of wagering activity in order to keep your VIP status and avoid losing the perks you’ve earned through your high-roller bonus. If you drop off the radar, odds are you’ll eventually find yourself at a lower tier of the loyalty programme. Living as a high-roller isn’t as easy as many people make it!


If you have the wherewithal to take advantage of a high-roller bonus we heartily recommend that you do so! The benefits put you a head and a shoulder above other players in terms of the quality of your experience online, and you can expect many random goodies to come your way since the casinos have a vested interested in keeping you happy at all times. However, make sure that you’re in it for the long haul since maintaining high-roller status requires regular wagering and the ability to manage your bankroll more carefully than casual players playing at lower limits than you. Check out the bonuses offered to high-rollers by the best casinos online on our guide and sign up today to start enjoying the benefits.