Online Baccarat for Free or Real Money

Online Baccarat for Free or Real Money - Play NowBaccarat is an ancient card game with a prestigious tradition that rivaled and surpassed that of poker in the past. Refined but uncomplicated, this online casino game is played between the player and the house, represented by the banker, who compete against each other in a bid to create a hand that is higher in value than the opponent’s, up to a maximum of 9 points. Online Baccarat is very easy to play, and it shares many features with blackjack since you can draw additional cards in order to boost the value of your hand.

Types of Online Baccarat

Online baccarat games don’t differ an awful lot from one another. In fact, the most important difference you’ll find between titles is just the the minimum bet allowed and the maximum betting limit set by the software developers. Many titles even come in versions for low-rollers and high-rollers. You can switch types and start a new game whenever you like.

When playing baccarat for real money at an online casino you can easily set a betting amount that works best for your bankroll. The payouts are much bigger in high-rolling games, however you can quickly work your way up to the big leagues as you gain experience with low-rolling hands, especially if you’re completely new to baccarat and playing at online casinos.

Rules – How to Play Online Baccarat

Baccarat is an unusual card game because you can actually bet on your opponent winning the game! In fact, after picking your ideal chip value, you can bet on three different outcomes:

  1. Player wins
  2. Banker wins
  3. Player and banker tie

Since a tie is so rare it’s also the highest paying outcome, returning 9 times your original betting amount.

After placing your wager, the banker will deal two pairs of cards face up — one pair held by the player and the other by the banker. Tens and face cards (royalty) are worth zero points and the other cards are worth their face value. An ace is worth one point, a deuce two, and so on.
If the first two cards to be dealt add up to 8 or 9, that is termed a natural win and the side with that outcome wins outright. If the cards add up to 6 or 7, the player or bank will stand on that outcome. A sum-total of 5 or less forces the player or banker to keep drawing another card until one of the former two outcomes is achieved.

Baccarat Strategies and Tips

Baccarat experts in real-life tend to use specialised card counting techniques which unfortunately cannot be easily replicated when playing against software. Nevertheless, getting acquainted with baccarat card probabilities can be a great help to figure out whether you should draw more cards or stand.

Keeping track of the history of past hands, and how often the player and banker won or lost is also a favourite strategy among many baccarat players, even though this doesn’t have any indirect bearing on future outcomes.

Additional Features in Baccarat Games

Baccarat games do not typically include extra features and titles roughly follow the same format, with the main differences being in the quality of the graphics and the gameplay mechanics.

Most games try to mimic the atmosphere and aesthetics of a card room as authentically as possible, with lush visuals, believable textures and soft background music that are a definite plus to your gaming experience.

Live baccarat is making waves among online casino card game players, giving aficionados the closest possible alternative to sitting in an actual, brick-and-mortar casino.

Ready to place your bet?

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