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From seedy saloons to VIP lounges, blackjack is probably only second to poker as the most beloved casino card game, boasting a tremendous popularity that has rocketed it to the big screen and inspired countless blackjack strategy books.

As a game, blackjack is supremely simple to play, but it also has multiple layers of complexity which you can dissect at your leisure. No wonder this card game attracts maths-whizzes who take a go at cracking its secrets by inventing new counting systems, or by revising tried-and-tested methods.

But will these systems — and more importantly the overall gameplay experience — hold up to the true randomness and excitement that online blackjack brings to the table?


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On MyCasinoClub you’ll find a list of the top online blackjack games which you can try for free, or wager real money for a chance at hitting the fabled 21. Choose from the range of blackjack titles, and enjoy a luxury casino experience from the comfort of your desktop or laptop computer at home, or on the move via smartphone or tablet.

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Types of Online Blackjack

You can’t really go wrong when you click on any of the top blackjack games we list on our online casino guide. There’s only one inimitable game, and the major difference you’ll find from one title to the next is the minimum bet allowed and the maximum betting limit set by the software developers.

You can easily set the wager to an amount you’re comfortable with before the game, however you might prefer to play a game aimed at high-rollers to take advantage of the possibilities of higher payouts. That said, a low-rollers’ title with hands starting at a few cents might just be your ticket. Another key difference is the number of hands you can have in play at any moment. Some blackjack games let you play up to five or six hands at once; others allow less.

Rules – How to Play

Don’t let the Rain Man-type counters scare you away from blackjack. This great game is absurdly simple to play and wickedly addictive too! Start by choosing you chip value and placing your wager in one or more betting fields. You complete directly against the dealer, who’ll deal you two cards face up after clicking on the deal button. The dealer also gets two cards, one face up and the other down.

Depending on the sum of the values of your cards, you can choose either to stand (end the round), ask the dealer to hit you with another card to increase the value of the cards in your hand, or double down on your initial bet. In certain cases you can also split a single hand into two separate ones.

The following are five possible outcomes of a blackjack round:

  1. If the sum-total of the cards in your hand exceeds 21, you go bust and lose the bet.
  2. If your hand adds up to exactly 21 (a blackjack), you win automatically and earn a 3:2 payout.
  3. If your hands add up to less than 21 and the value is higher than the dealer’s, you win and earn a 1:1 payout.
  4. If your hand adds up to less than 21, but the value is lower than the dealer’s, then you lose the bet.
  5. If both your hand and the dealer’s add up to the same amount, the round ends in a push and you receive the amount you originally wagered.

Blackjack Strategies and Tips

There are tonnes of resources about improving your odds of winning at blackjack out there, however you should be warned that most of the systems and tactics created by the experts apply to real-life games, where you’re playing against a human dealer who’s drawing cards from a horn with a finite number of card decks.

Online blackjack casino software which uses true randomness, or almost, makes it virtually impossible to count cards the old-fashioned way, however certain common-sense rules, like always standing on 16 or over, still apply and a good grasp of blackjack odds can still give you a valuable edge when playing online.

Additional Features in Blackjack Games

Besides the ability to switch from low-roller, to standard, to high-roller versions of the same game; as well as the ability to bet on multiple hands at once, the blackjack titles you’ll find on an online casino are all quite similar. Live blackjack is rapidly becoming a new sensation among online casino card games, giving players the opportunity to put their counting skills to the test in a digital environment.