Play Craps Online for Real Money

Best Online Casino to Play Craps for Real MoneyIf you’ve ever seen a movie with a gambling scene set in Vegas, then nine times of ten there was a montage where the characters try different games. Inevitably, the camera would suddenly switch to a shot showing the characters gathered around a craps table and one of them would kiss the dice before shooting them across the table. You probably felt some tension in your body as the dice tumbled across the screen, hit the edges of the table and bounced back to a complete rest. The outcome of the roll? Usually a pair of 6s, a universal signifier of a win in a dramatic context, which is reinforced with the characters throwing their hands in the air as the croupier pushes a towering stack of chips in their direction.

How do you play craps online?

Craps can feel like an intimidating game for a complete beginner. It’s very fast-paced and the players speak in a jargon that’s hard to understand if you don’t usually hang around a craps table. There’s a wide variety of bets you can make and learning how they all work is a gradual process. There are many top online casinos that let you play craps for real money—we’ve listed some of the best ones here, but before you click on any one of them let’s make sure you got the basics of playing craps online down pat.

Essentially, real money craps is played by making bets on the outcome of a dice roll. The player must wager at least the table minimum on either the Pass Line or the Don’t Pass Line. Pass and Don’t Pass are the two basic types of bets in craps. A Pass Line bet is won when the outcome of a roll is a 7 or an 11 and it’s lost if the outcome is a 2, 3 or 12. A Don’t Pass Line bet is the opposite of a Pass Line: you win with a 2 or a 3, lose with a 7 or 11, while 12 results in a push.

Top casinos to play craps online

All the top casinos on the internet offer many variants of craps which you can play for free or for real money. This is good news for players who want to get a good grasp of the game and hone their skills before putting their hard-earned money on the line. To make it even easier for you to join in the excitement of playing craps online, we’ve compiled a list of the best casinos where you can play craps for free or real money. Our team has tested each one of the casinos on our list and we continuously update it to bring you only the highest rating casinos for playing craps on the internet.

Bonuses and extra features

You can play craps for real money online with the minimum of hassle. Just pick one of our player-tested casinos, sign up for an account if you haven’t got one already and deposit some money in it. You’ll be rewarded with a welcome bonus which gives you free cash to play craps and other games without putting your own money on the line. Head to the table games section and find a craps game that suits your fancy. Craps games come in a wide variety of limits and you can choose how much you wager in each round; you’re in total control of the game at all times.

Wrap up

Craps is one of the most entertaining casino games you’ll find at the lobby and now you can experience the same kind of fun and win real money on your desktop computer or mobile device. Take a look at the list of top casinos that offer real money craps on this page and choose one to get started today!