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Online Slots for Free or Real Money - Play NowSlots are probably the most popular type of casino game online, attracting a wide range of players from passionate punters who grind their way to profits spin after spin, to more casual gamers who crave that shot of adrenaline each time the reels wind down to a nail-biting halt. Whether you’re playing for free or real money, MyCasinoClub brings you the best online slots games and tips to improve your chances of enjoying a pleasurable time all round. In this guide we take a look at the main types of slots games you’ll find on online casino sites, go over the basic rules and strategies, as well as the variety of bonus features you can expect in the best online slots.

Types of Online Slots

There are thousands of different slots titles that you can play online, and a single website can easily rival brick-and-mortar casinos in terms of its collection of classic and contemporary slots machines. Slots are generally classified as classic slots, which usually lack an identifiable theme and have more in common with the old-fashioned fruit machines than today’s high-tech offerings.

Video slots, on the other hand, frequently boast stunning 2D or 3D animated graphics, and come with plenty of bells and whistles that dramatically boost their entertainment value. Popular themes for video slots range from Celtic and Greek mythology, to classic movies and the latest blockbusters, to nature-inspired themes and wacky, out-of-left-field creations.

Slots also differ according to their jackpots, winning methods and reel arrangement. The specific configurations depend a lot on the game supplier — NetEnt, Microgaming and Betsoft are among the biggest creators of online slots — and can vary from regular five-reel, 15 to 50 payline slots to massive 1,024 ways of winning boasting multiple jackpots, or even progressive jackpots that keep on increasing each time someone plays and doesn’t win, until the final payout unleashes a torrent of coins on one lucky player.

Rules – How to Play

One of the main reasons why online slots are so incredibly popular among players is because they’re very easy to play, even if you never tried one before. There’s no complex maths, although a good grasp of odds always helps, and the dependence on sheer luck rather than skill means that anyone — but anyone — can be the next winner.

To start playing slots, choose your ideal coin value from the control panel and then select an amount to wager. The bet amount will be multiplied by the number of betting lines activated: these can be increased or decreased, or be fixed throughout play. Click the SPIN button and let the good times roll!


Slots Strategies and Tips

Since luck plays such a big part in winning when playing slots, it’s not easy to directly control the odds by virtue of your skill or experience. In this case, the smart thing to do is to reduce your down-side. Slots veterans talk a lot about volatility, which is the amount a slots game is expected to pay out in the long-term after feeding it so many coins.

Games with low volatility are more likely to return some winnings, although don’t expect impressive amounts. High volatility slots are a riskier bets, but the potential rewards are significantly higher. Finding a good balance between high and low volatility, as well as slots that let you control the number of paylines is probably the best way to stretch your funds long enough to hit that giant pay day.

Bonus Features in Slots Games

Every slots game published online has additional features which can increase your winning after each round. Wild symbols that substitute for any other symbol, and scatter icons that trigger special events like free spins during plays are staples of slots games.

Many titles also include a variety of amusing bonus games associated with the theme which unlock multipliers on your winnings. These games range from simple double-or-nothing gambling rounds to fully-fledged mini games playable in between spins.

Ready to spin some reels?

On MyCasinoClub you’ll find a list of the top online casino slots games which you can try for free, or wager real money for a chance at hitting the jackpot. Take your pick from the huge selection of classic or video slots, find a theme that tickles your fancy and fits your budget, and you can enjoy the full Vegas experience  from the comfort of your desktop or laptop computer at home, or on the move via smartphone or tablet.