Play Video Poker Online for Real Money

Play Video Poker Online for Real MoneyIf you ask a large group of online casino players which games they love to play, odds are that many of them will answer you with one of the following: “I’m a slots lover”, or “I’m a poker player.” The world of online casino gaming seems to be neatly divided between these two groups, and operators tweak their offerings accordingly to meet their needs. Naturally, a great deal of overlap exists between the two types, which probably explains why video poker online is such a huge sensation at online casinos, even though it’s not near as popular as the previous two.

Video poker gives players the best of both worlds in terms of gaming experience, you have the unpredictability and luck factor that makes slots so addictive, combined with the skill that makes playing poker so satisfying. In fact, calling video poker a luck-based game isn’t entirely true, but it ain’t poker either! Read on to learn about the different types of online video poker, and how you can play and win real money thanks to our top video poker sites.

Types of Online Video Poker

Like slots, online video poker machines all work pretty much the same way. You choose your coin value, select an amount, wager it, hold the cards drawn, and then wait to see if you hit the big time. Although the basic mechanism hardly ever changes, video poker comes in various shapes and sizes; much the same way you can find all sorts of slots themes. The main different between different online video poker hands is the number of hands you have at play at any one time, as well as the minimum requirements for a hand to be considered a paying combination.

All video poker games use a standard deck of 52 cards, however the number of hands in play can vary from 1 to 100. The most popular variations of video poker return a payout when you hit Jacks or better. Another well-known variation is played with deuces wild, where a 2 substitutes for any other card and helps you make a paying hand. Video poker games also vary in the minimum and maximum wagering limits they allow.

Rules – How to Play Video Poker

Playing video poker online is very easy and if you never played before you only need to play a few hands before you grasp the basics. To start playing video poker online first you need to sign up for a free casino account at a reputable online casino. We’ve done all the hard work already and create a top list of first-class casinos that all offer a large selection of video poker games, solid welcome bonus and casino promotions, as well as reliable cashier options.

After signing up and making your first deposit to your account you can start playing real money video poker. Choose your favourite video poker game and select the amount you want to wager. Five poker cards dealt at random will appear on your screen and you can choose which ones to hold and which ones to discard. Once you’ve made your selection, confirm and the game will automatically draw fresh cards for every hand in play. If the cards you held combine with other hands to form a winning combination you will receive a payout according to the amounts listed in the pay table for that particular hand.

Video Poker Strategies and Tips

Apart from being great fun there are other reasons why so many players enjoy playing video poker online. It’s a game that involves skill, unlike slots, however it’s not as complex as poker and you can play alone in relative anonymity. No waiting for other players to join the table!

Video poker has a low house edge, which translates in bigger wins over time. In fact, this might be the only game where the old adage “the house always wins” isn’t exactly true. If you add in the cashback bonuses, free play, and other casino promotions that reward you for playing then your chances of turning a tidy profit from playing video poker are considerably than most other casino games.


Video poker online is an ideal game for total beginners, experienced gamers, as well as people who would like to spice up their casino experience and try something different other than slots and poker. Finding a video poker with a generous paytable and casino offers that let you take advantage of the low house edge and make more money can be hard work, but our expert team has done it all for you.

We’ve listed the very best video poker casinos online here so that you can easily compare them and choose your favourite one. All you need to do to start playing video poker is sign up for a free casino account if you haven’t done so and head to the casino lobby to check out the large variety of video poker games on offer. Don’t forget to collect your welcome bonus on your way there!