Best Real Money Mobile Casino Apps for iOS Platform

ios-top-rated mobile casino apps for IOSThe notion of playing at real money online casinos would have been inconceivable a couple of years ago. However, cutting edge software has made this possible, and now even on the palm of your hand! With so many casino apps to choose from, we have narrowed down the best five mobile casino apps for iOS Platform on the basis the range of online games available, top payout percentages, and real money deposit bonuses. Additionally, this review also contains a small guide to using these apps!

Top Rated Mobile Casino Apps for IOS

With the number of real money casino apps growing on the App Store, it can be quite tricky to choose the app that works for you. There are several apps that should be avoided by players, since they make the experience less enjoyable for one reason or another. In most cases, these apps will offer substandard customer service, have slow payouts or even fail to pay their players, and they may even have unfair terms and conditions.

Despite this, five real money casino apps have been consistently achieving positive reviews on various online forums. These five games each have over 350 games to choose from, have a payout percentage that is higher than 95%, and also have generous sign-up bonuses. In addition, payouts vary from a speedy 2-3 days and they all offer live chat and phone services for their clients. Click on the links below and start playing today!

Why use an iOS Platform?

As handheld devices become bigger and more powerful, developers are producing better quality games for players. iOS phones and tablets are leading the way in this, so if you happen to have one there is no better time to start playing!

Additionally, the iOS platform provides a unique experience for users, who can enjoy playing their favourite games on a sleek touch-screen interface. Furthermore, playing real money casino apps on your handheld devices translates to mobility – you can literally play the slots, blackjack or roulette anywhere and everywhere you like!


Many players will still be unsure about using real money casino apps on the iOS devices, so this review will also cover some frequently asked questions that players may have.

  • Is it safe? – Absolutely yes! The five casino apps listed above all use extremely secure software that can rival that used by internet banking apps. As with any handheld device, users need to be sure that their phone is also secured to prevent third parties from accessing their gaming account.
  • Can I play any game on my phone? – Even though not all online casino apps are using compliant HTML5, iOS supports most of the games that can be found on these apps. Some games, especially slots, may not function well on a handheld device due to processing requirements, but popular blackjack, craps and roulette games are supported.
  • Welcome bonus? – As already mentioned above, welcome bonuses for the five listed apps vary. Each of these listed apps offer a sign-up bonus for new players, irrespective of where the user will be using desktop or mobile play.


2015 is an exciting time for online casino game play, and iOS devices are leading the way. With so many games available and lucrative benefits, you too can join a growing online community of players that are enjoying casino games from the comfort of their hand.